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The Ultimate VR Gaming Experience


You are a deadly assassin, captured and locked away on a floating prison in deep outer space. Aliens have taken over the prison and have begun testing on the inmates and turning their bodies into alien weaponry to prepare for the war on humanity.


As part of the testing, the assassins are thrown into the pit as the aliens watch inmates battle each other to the death. Players must use their boxing skills to fight their way to the top of the ranks to win their freedom.


Your only chance for survival and to prevent the war is to battle through the alien horde, defeat their leader and overtake the prison.

Game Description: 

​Boxing Apocalypse is an action combat game by creator/designer Mario Simone that features a fully immersive, intuitive fight system. Complete with power punches, finishing moves, interchangeable weapons, an energy shield for block/ counter combos, a customization armor system, and a challenge board to increase ranks among the prisoners.


This is the first VR game to have built a seamless PVP mode where you can battle players online in this intuitive fighting style. It keeps track of your win / loss records which will add to your ranking inside the prison fight clubs!


As you level up you can unlock more weapons, and specialty armor only achieved from beating challenges in both campaign and PVP modes.


Strap on the headset and teleport yourself to outer space where you only chance to survive is to FIGHT! Become boss and rule the prison fight clubs!!

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“This VR boxer has 360-degree, immersive, and futuristic fighting environments”

“Boxing Apocalypse is a first-person fighter that promises intuitive combat, a pretty formidable lineup of skill combos, and one crazy shtick.”

“Take on an Alien Invasion with your Fists!”

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